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The Acacia Co. was founded by TaRea, Natalie, and Thu-Hong in response to the ever-growing need for integrating diversity and inclusion into the workplace - the right way. 

There's a saying that goes, "businesses are easy to run, it just becomes difficult when you add people to the mix." The striking reality that every business is faced with - a business does need people to function. People started the business and people run the business. 


People are the business. The Acacia Co. takes a practical approach that focuses on both. We look at the art and the science of integrating diversity and inclusion into business operations, shining a light on all areas of the business and supporting management teams with project implementation.

OUR MISSION: Connected Growth

We're striving for a future that focuses on growing, together. We believe that our collective purpose is bigger than our differences. Growth is always possible. We are rooted in our shared pasts and honor what makes each of us unique. The only way we all grow is together.

Image by Heather Mount


Nothing is fixed. 

Our mindset is oriented toward growth and opportunity.


Simple is clear.

We are looking for connection and impact, not to impress.


Respect is paramount.

We practice openness, honesty, and fairness with everyone.



TaRea Betts


TaRea's experience is rooted in 4 years of HR, Program Management, DEI Strategy, and Talent Acquisition. She’s currently an HR Program Manager at Google, working on large scale performance management for over 120,000 employees. She's developed, led, and managed several DEI initiatives at scale. She also has experience in business strategy, operations, as well as coaching and facilitation. 
TaRea is a huge advocate of lifelong learning and a firm believer in a growth mindset. She believes deeply in the importance of improving representation, belonging, equity, and access to education.
Outside of work, you can find her traveling, learning, reading, listening to podcasts, catching the latest movies (virtually, of course), and investing in her self care. 

Natalie Rodgers


Natalie brings 7+ years of Project Management and Team Development experience to the team. Her career has been focused on supporting a variety of small and medium sized businesses as well as non-profit organizations with strategic planning, operational efficiency, learning and development, and team management.

She believes that productive people and processes are fundamental to building a sustainable business that lives beyond today.

When Natalie's not in the office, she's serving on the Board of Directors and teaching Salsa classes for the non-profit dance company and academy, Tapestry Dance. She also serves on the local, Austin Board of Advisors of AIESEC as a loyal advocate for global youth leadership. In all that she does, helping people learn, grow, and realize their potential remains at the core.

Thu-Hong Nguyen


Thu-Hong is a Human Resources professional with a background in the corporate tech and international non-profit sectors. Her experience is in General HR Operations, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Project Management, and DEI strategy. Currently, she works in Human Resource Operations at Google, overseeing HR services and programs to help make HR easy and intuitive for employees. 

Thu-Hong is a part-time graduate student of Industrial & Organizational Psychology. She is passionate about building allyship and coalition, and helping organizations find HR solutions that are holistic and research-driven. 

She always has a new hobby and a pile of books next to her. She helps register voters and travels often between the US and Europe for her family and loved ones. 

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